Wild Roots Studios Design Project

By: Design of Your Life

Phase 1 Results, Part 1

A friend of mine asked me to design her new salon and I set to work about 2 months ago. This is my very first commercial design!

Phase 1: Interior Right & Bathroom Phase 2: Interior Left & Exterior

She wanted the space to look:


Foyer Design Plan

We painted the brick; added the art and the console table. This is where she'll put fresh flowers, local publications, business cards, etc.


Right on the opposite side of the foyer wall is going to be a coffee bar.

Coffee Bar Design Plan

We added faux brick paneling on each wall on the right side and painted it white. Everything here in new.

Coffee Bar 

This is the furniture for the center of the waiting room. My client purchased those on Marketplace.

Waiting Room Design Plan

I found a sign maker on Etsy, sent them the design proof, and worked on getting this logo sign made. I love it!

Waiting Room 

Phase 1 is Complete!

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