You are  creative!

You are  SO CARING!

You are funny!

You're a great story teller!

You are SO FAST!

A Valentine's Day Tradition for  Our Kids

You are kind!

You have a  big heart.

I love your  jokes!

You never  give up.

You have a great laugh!

Every year, I like to do a little something special for the boys for Valentine's Day.

You have a beautiful  smile.

You give the  best hugs!

You're a great big brother!

I love our dance parties!

I love being silly with you!

I make 14 paper hearts and write something I love about/for each of the boys.

Your love of  learning!

You're inquisitive!

You're a great big brother!

I love our  cuddles!

You're a good friend!

Then every day from February 1st until Valentine's Day, I hang one on their doors so each day is something new I love about them.

Their faces light up when they open their door to see a new heart. You could do this for birthdays as well!

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