Valentine's Table setting

with a DIY Table Runner

Whether for Valentine's or Galentine's, a beautiful table setting makes every gathering feel more festive.

But it's nice to not have to run out and buy something new for every occasion, too.

For this table, I decided to take a roll of craft paper I had for my kids, one of their cheap paint brushes, and some black acrylic paint. 

I worked my way down the paper painting Xs & Os.

I loosely followed a pattern for this table runner but I think it could look great with a more random placement of the XOs and even more white space. 

From there, I layered gold and purple accents for a little less expected color scheme next to the black and white. 

Usually Valentine's Day decor centers around  pinks & reds.

For the centerpiece, I prefer a full floral arrangement. Feel free to pare it down. 

I added the taller, filler flowers first and then layered the unique feature flowers around the edge.

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