Update: Wild Roots Studios Bathroom Design

A Lesson in Patience in Design

By: Design of Your Life

A friend of mine asked me to design her new salon!

Check out my initial design plans here:

And the results of Phase 1:

My original design plan called for a tiled wall behind the sink and mirror some sort of wrap around gallery wall.

In the story about Phase 1 results, I showed just one wall of the bathroom. We used the same tile in the bathroom as we did in the shampoo room.

I did not show the remainder of the bathroom because I knew in my gut that it was not truly finished. In fact, I just added it to the list of phase 2 projects. I couldn't get a clear vision of what the gallery walls would look like.

I decided I'd lean on my past design successes and failures and trust my gut. I knew it would come to me, I just needed the one thing that is usually difficult to find mid-design...  This is what I thought it would look like for the Grand Opening party.


However, the day before the grand opening party inspiration struck while meandering around  At Home Store

And I am so glad it did because I LOVE how it turned out.

Rather than doing a mixed media gallery wall, with all different kinds of art and memorabilia...

I stuck with female silhouettes, black & white with small bits of blue...

... with distinctive hair, in high fashion poses or simple, more natural poses.

In the end, I was able to buy all of the art, plan out the gallery wall, and install it all in time for the grand opening.

I'm so glad I waited and trusted my gut. I knew the vision was solid, I just had to wait for it to fully evolve.

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