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Tips for Organizing  Kids' Toys

Now that the holidays are over,  you may have new things to find a spot for in your home.  For us, that means more TOYS for our pre-schooler & kindergartner.

Here are my top tips for organizing your kids toys and playroom.

Organize in Zones

Much like you'd see in a classroom, putting categories of toys together helps your kids find them, is easier to clean up, and may even keep the toys in their spot of the room.


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In this room we have the art and reading corners, a garage/tool shop, a building/trains table, and a spot for all loose toys.

Keep Things On Their Level

Having things at their height keeps them from climbing. However, only keep the items you are comfortable with them using by themselves in sight--we hide the rest to lower temptation. 


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No scissors, paint, or Playdoh up here.

Use Larger Categories for Loose Toys

Rather than having Paw Patrol cars, trucks, and tractors in separate bins, we use one large bin for trucks and tractors. It's easier for our kids to understand when cleaning up.


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Use Clear Bins

It helps when the kids can see what is in the container because they will not have to dump everything out looking for something. 


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Separate Small and Large Toys

I put the toys with smaller pieces or sets in smaller containers on top of where the large toys are stored. 


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The larger toys are easier to clean up quickly and the smaller toys/sets can then be taken down one at a time.


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Use Picture Labels

Our kids cannot read yet, so I made labels with the picture and the word so they (and the babysitter, grandparents, husband, etc) know where everything goes on their own.


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Our kids love hanging out here, which means they stay busy longer. 

Make It Cozy


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Use Multi-purpose Pieces

This train table is also used for legos and all different kinds of blocks and building sets.


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Put the Storage Where the Items Are Used

All of the blocks, legos, and trains are stored in or under the table where they'll be used.


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Use the Toy Colors & Textures as Design Elements

Don't worry about hiding everything in opaque bins. Use the crayons, the matchbox cars, the books, etc., as decor in your space. 

Check out my blog post or my play room highlight on Instagram for more details!

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