strawberry moscow mules

By Design of Your Life


Can you relate?

Hi! I'm Alicia & I LOVE summertime cocktails & mocktails!

This delicious summertime take on a Moscow Mule is super refreshing.


Strawberry  Moscow Mules


1 Drink

Total Time

5 minutes

prep Time

5 minutes




4 Strawberries, stem removed, cut in quarters 2-3 sprigs Mint 60 ml vodka Juice of a lime 120ml Ginger Beer, give or take Optional: sugar for glass rim


STEP 1:  Muddle

Add strawberries and mint into your glass. Muddle, or press into the bottom and sides of the glass, until there are only smaller pieces left.

STEP 2: Add  Liquids

Add the vodka (if you'd like to keep this alcoholic)  and ginger beer. Mix.  Squeeze lime into the glass.

STEP 3: Garnish

Add ice, another sprig of mint, and whole strawberries, as desired.

Then enjoy!