My First Commercial Design

By: Design of Your Life


A friend of mine asked me to design her new salon and I set to work about 1 month go. This is my very first commercial designs!

The scope of work has doubled in the last week as the first phase was easily approved by my client.  This is the design for the salon foyer.

Right on the opposite side of the foyer wall is going to be a coffee bar.

On the opposite wall in the center portion of the waiting room, which is where they'll send their clients getting color or highlights

This is the furniture for the center of the waiting room. My client purchased those on Marketplace.

I have 3 different design options for the 20 foot wall that spans the center room. The first is to run the brick the entire wall, top to bottom.

The second option is to create the feeling of 3 separate spaces by installing removable wallpaper on one-third to one-half of the upper wall on both sides.

Today's wallpaper is so much better than it used to be and better than a lot of the type you have to paste up yourself. There were so many design options. My client is going to see the samples we ordered and pick this week.

The last space on the right side of the building is the shampoo room. I cannot wait to install the brick and mirror walls!

The the long wall, the shampoo chairs will go with one set of cabinets above each chair.  We plan to have the vertical portions tiled in one of these blue tiles.

My client picked up these beautiful wooden barn doors for the 3 stylists' rooms. That whole wall, front to back, will be a deep, dark blue color.

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Be sure to check out my web story about the second part of this design plan! I am so excited for this design!