My First Commercial Design

By: Design of Your Life


About a month ago my friend asked me to design her new salon and I love what I've come up with. If you haven't seen part 1, watch that first HERE!

The left side of the building includes part of the foyer, an office that may be used for waxing or massage in the future and all 3 stylists' rooms. The bathroom is at the back.

The materials my client picked before I came on to the project include the flooring, cabinets, and granite.  I'm continuing the faux brick walls in 2 of the 4 stylists' room's walls.

I've proposed 16 different wallpaper designs for each of the stylists to pick from for their own room. The goal is to make sure my client's business design feels cohesive but, they also get to bring their personality to their room as well.

I know one of the stylists is very into floral designs, which can work in this space, if it keeps within the color scheme for the building.

My client said she wants the bathroom to feel like a purposeful, both design choice, rather than an after thought. We're going for lacquered walls, a wall of tile, and gallery walls. It may be my favorite room!

When I first saw the space, I immediately had a vision for this exterior of the business. She didn't ask for this part of the design, but I couldn't help myself.

This is the complete vision I've had from the very beginning. I'm so glad I did this because my client LOVES it and wants to ask the landlord if we can do this! I even volunteered to help paint because I want to see this come to life so badly!

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Be sure to check out my web story about the first part of this design plan! I am so excited for this space!