Project Restoration

The Millet Family New Orleans, LA

On August 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida devastated Louisiana.  The Millet Family's home was destroyed under several feet of water.

No room was spared; all of the flooring, cabinetry, furniture, bedding, appliances, and 4 feet of dry wall had to be thrown out.

Now it's time to rebuild...

...all at once.

...the entire house...

My friends and I got together to try to figure out how we can help. Thus, Project Restoration was born.

A collection of 14 friends from all over the country, who met on Instagram, some of whom have never met in person, are coming together to redesign the entire 3,600 sq. ft., 15-room home in a matter of months.

Our team of talented content creators and designers are designing and sourcing just about everything in the Millet's home. We need home essentials, hard and soft construction materials, furniture and home decor, from floor to ceiling.

Our team of creators/ designers plan to exchange social media content or website articles for donations of items, Including, but not limited to:


 Bathroom Fixtures


Organization Supplies







About Our Team

We Feature:

Home Design



including home interior/exterior design, DIYs, renovations, event hosting, & organization

motherhood in various stages, the ins and outs of family life, products that we love

budgeting, exercise, work lite balance, and community Involvement.

We can provide:

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