Paint Finishes & how and When to use them

By Design of Your Life

There are several main types of paint sheens or finishes and there are specific ways and places to use each of them. 

Paint Sheens or Finishes

Benefits: Non-reflective; shows fewer imperfections; can be touched up more easily

Flat or Matte

Good for: Low traffic areas Ceilings, formal living rooms, offices

Benefits: almost flat but has a low luster/reflection; somewhat easier to clean than flat/matte


Good for: moderate traffic areas living rooms, bedrooms, hallways

Benefits: slightly reflective, much easier to clean than matte and satin


Good for: moderate to high traffic  areas living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, doors, bathrooms

Benefits: very easy to clean, stain and scuff resistant, highly reflective (also shows imperfections more)

Semi-Gloss & High-Gloss

Good for:  high traffic  areas, moldings/trim, doors,  kitchens, bathrooms

It's vital to use the correct sheen or finish for the correct room.

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