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How to Pick Out the Perfect Runner

By Design of Your Life

We are in the middle of making over our stairs from ugly carpet with unfinished wood underneath... modern, stylish, hardwood stairs with a beautiful runner.

That tutorial is coming soon...this is a progress shot.

BUT, I've picked up a few tips on how to pick one out...

I have looked at hundreds  of stair runners and have had a really hard time finding what I want.


Is it high traffic?

Consider Where You Will Use It

Will a door open over it?

On the Stairs?

May need something durable and stain and fade resistant.

 Make sure it is not slippery.

Make sure the pile (thickness) is low enough.



Consider The Material



Wool can shed.  Polyester *can* be super durable. Velvet can be slippery.

Vertical patterns can be tough to line up, but some pattern hides wear.

Natural fibers can be rough, brittle, and shed easily. Looped fabric can snag.

For Stairs: Measure the step width and then subtract however many inches of wood you'd like to see on each side. Get a longer runner than you think you'll need.

3. Measure for Size

...and last but not least...


Where you'll use it,

If you need to get or avoid a certain fabric, texture, or pattern, 

When looking for a stair runner, make sure you consider...

the maximum length and width down to the inch. 

You may be able to return it, but often you have to pay a restocking fee.