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DIY Glass Jar Snow Globes

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Gather Materials

Step 1:

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1. A glass jar, container, or cloche 2. Small houses, cars, animals, trees, etc. Ornaments work well. 3. Ribbon and scissors

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4. Faux snow, sugar, or Epsom salt.  5. Twinkle lights: small (30-60 bulbs at most), battery-operated lights with a timer work well.

Jars: Walmart. Snow: Hobby Lobby. Houses, ornaments, trees, & lights: Target. 

Step 2: Add snow

Fill about 25% of your jar to start, then add more as needed. The larger your largest piece, the less snow you add.

Step 3: Add largest piece 

Push it down a little bit into the snow for stability. Make sure you place it where you'll have room to add the smaller pieces.

Step 4: Add your smaller pieces, like trees or animals

Push them down a little bit into the snow for stability as well.

Step 5: Add your twinkle lights

Wrap them around the outer edge of the jar. You can use an entire strand in each jar or put some in the first jar and stretch the same set of lights to the other jars.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 for each jar 

Step 7: Add ribbon to the jar lids or around each jar & enjoy

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