Pottery Barn Dupe: DIY TV Console Cabinet

By Design of Your Life

Well, here's one more idea on how to save BIG on your furniture...

Hi! I'm Alicia &  you all know I have expensive taste in furniture!

Upcycle a Cheaper Piece!

Pottery Barn's Dolores Buffett



Some call it hacking, but you alter the piece to look more alike a more expensive one.



My version!

I started with this piece from Wayfair.

It was on sale for $107.49, but even at full price  ($167.99), it's a steal!

Ebern Designs  Ormar 31.5" Wide Server!

I figured out I needed 3.

This is what it looked like when all 3 were together.

It's the right size and I loved the colors in our space.

BUT, you can see all of the  kids' toys and games  AND it's missing the depth that texture provides.

I measured the glass and ordered a final radio weave cane webbing.

Finally, I ordered Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks.

To apply the cane I started by laying it on the glass, held down with a heavy book, and traced the outline of the cane.


Make sure the  cane rows are  level before you trace and cut.


I also worked with the spline to straighten it out and cut it to size before I started gluing anything.

I glued the cane webbing and the spline down at the same time so there's only 1 layer of glue.

1 layer glue = tighter fit against the edge of the glass.

Excess glue will peel off once cool.




I actually like my version better, I got a bigger piece of furniture, & 


I saved  $1,700+