DIY  Ribbon Flag Tutorial

By Design of Your Life

TIP: I made a MISTAKE on mine and I teach you at the end what to do instead. 

Paint Stick Paint Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Scissors Ribbon: mix of reds & whites Blue fabric with stars

Materials Needed:


You can use anything for your top support, but Home Depot gives out long paint sticks for their 5 gallon buckets, which worked perfectly.  I just painted it white in case any of it showed through the ribbon. 

Paint Your Paint Stick


Cut all of your ribbon strips. Use the first one to measure the rest, rather than using a measuring tape.  My ribbons were about 3 feet long.

Measure Out &  Cut Your Ribbon


I laid out each of the ribbons, focusing on which ones I would overlap.  I placed the wider ribbon first and then worked backwards by size. The thinnest ribbon is always up front.

Lay Out Your Ribbon


I folded the ribbon forward and glued down the ribbon that was supposed to be in the back of the flag, aka the widest.  I glued the top of the ribbon to the back as well as to the side of the stick, then draped the ribbon over the front. 

Glue Ribbon to Paint Stick


I doubled up the star fabric because it was thin. Then I draped it over the corner of the ribbon to find what looked like the right proportion.  I cut it down, glued it to the back of the paint stick, and let it fall over the front. 

Add the Star Fabric


Take some of the scrap ribbon long enough for the flag hanger.  Glue each end to the back of the glue stick.  I made a loop and knot on the middle of this ribbon like this. 

Add the Ribbon Hanger

The stars on the flag should always be on the top left of the flag when it is hung.  This means I did it wrong, having the stars on the right. Now you know and can fix what I did.

There is a correct way to hang a flag?


Then Hang!

This can be used inside or out.  Mine is on our covered front door.