DIY Night Sky Mural Tutorial

How I Drew this Mural with a Sharpie and a Ruler

You need just 3 items to make  draw your own night sky mural:

1. Paint pens 2. Clear ruler 3. Projector connected to computer


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I used 8 "fine tip" Sharpie Paint Pens. You may be able to use your computer to project the image on your wall some other way. The projector I got was very  inexpensive.

I created a map of the night sky on the night my son was born on this website.


You simply enter the location and the date of the sky you'd like to see.

You will end up with an image you can project on the wall. It will say "PREVIEW" made out of stars. 

Be sure NOT to trace the "PREVIEW" stars

Once you pick your image and project it onto the wall, you simply use your paint pens and clear ruler and trace the image!


You do not have to purchase the map itself if you do not want to.  However, I did  and I love it.

The whole project took about an hour