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DIY Matchbox Cars Shelf Tutorial



MDF Fluted Trim Molding cut to size

Dowel Rods

Drill Bit the size of your dowel rods

Brad nailer or hammer, nails

Optional: Spray Paint

Step 1: Measure for Dowel Rod Holes

Measure half an inch from the ends of each side of the fluted trim.  Then measure the center point of the width of  each piece of trim on both ends.

Step 2: Drill Holes for the Dowel Rods

Using the center point and half inch marks as a reference guide, drill a hole on each end of the trim pieces. Use the SAME SIZE drill bit as the size of your dowel rods. 


Half inch


Push a dowel rod through the holes on the same side of each trim piece, placing each trim piece at the desired spot.  Repeat for the other side of the trim piece. Make sure each side of trim is level with the opposite side.


Step 3: Insert Dowel Rods

Blue Rings

Step 4: Nail Each Dowel in Place

Using a brad nailer (ideally), place a nail through the back of each piece of trim, into each dowel rod. Again, MAKE SURE each trim piece is level.


Optional: Paint & Add Picture Hanging Brackets

We spray painted our shelves with a matte white enamel paint. Then we added these sawtooth picture hangers to the back of the assembled shelves on each side.

Hang and Place Matchbox Cars!

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