DIY Faux marble painted granite Tutorial, Part 1

By Design of Your Life

before & after


When we purchased the house, it was very clear that a few cheaper upgrades were added to try to help sell it. One such upgrade, we think, was either the backsplash or countertops in the kitchen.  One was done and they did NOT match AT ALL!

Styles That Did NOT Mix Well

Our Kitchen Before

This kit from Giani has just about EVERYTHING you will need to paint your countertops.


However, these additional items will most likely be helpful to you as you go through the painting and epoxy process.


One kit covers 35 square feet or 16 running feet of standard 24" wide counters - the average amount of countertop area in a kitchen. I needed an extra can of white paint and epoxy.

Important Information

For an average size kitchen from start to finish, it takes about one weekend.: -4 to 9 hours of actual painting time -48 hours drying time -FULL CURE TIME = 7 DAYS

How Long  Will This Take?

Shut all windows, turn off fans, keep kids and pets out of the area. Keep temperatures between 72-75 degrees F. Do NOT sand or rough up counters. DO fill in gauges/chips with wood filler & sand smooth with 600 grit.

Prep Tips:

And then watch it again. It gives you step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and replicate!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Hot water and a bit of Dawn dish soap with a microfiber towel and an SOS pad--that's all I used.  Rinse counters twice to make sure they're clean/clear of soap.

1. Clear & Clean Your Counters

There's plenty of plastic sheeting provided with the kit. I used painters tape to secure the plastic to protect every surface I didn't want painted. Drips on cabinets are very likely, so cover them.

2. Cover all exposed surfaces

DO use 2 rows of high quality painter's tape on the backsplash. DO remove all caulk and clean up with rubbing alcohol. DO NOT use paintable caulk.  DO use silicone caulk after counters are cured.


That's how you prep! Part 2 of this story covers the painting process once you've followed the prep process in part 1.

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