DIY Artwork Flip Tutorial

By Design of Your Life

before & after

1. All Purpose Joint Compound 2. Acrylic Paint 3. Paint brushes 4. Putty knife(s) 5. A canvas or other pieces of art to paint over.


I used this old canvas that my sister was going to throw out.  Overall, you want to make sure the frame is solid, the cavas is tight, and the texture on the canvas isn't too deep.

Start with a Canvas

Use your putty knife to take some joint compound out and smear it on the canvas.  Keep going until it is covered.  If the pre-existing texture is thick, it's better to apply thin layers than try to try to pile on a lot at once. It's more prone to crack.

Cover the Canvas

This is the best part in my opinion! Once the joint compound is dry, start painting.  Keep in mind that you may need layers for this part as well.


If your canvas does not have a frame already attached, you can typically make one with 1x2 inch or 1x3 inch boards.  We mitered the boards so they would meet at 45 degree angles at each corner.


Sometime, I know exactly what kind of art I need for a space, but I cannot find it anywhere. Regardless, by flipping old art, you: 1. keep it out of a land fill 2. save some money- canvas can be expensive 3. get to make exactly what it is you need.

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