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Chore Charts 

How We're Introducing Weekly Chores and Earning and Saving Money To Our Kids

By starting a chore chart, we're hoping to teach our kids:

1. Responsibility 2. Pride in work 3. Ownership 4. Earning and saving


Chores must be age appropriate First chart=simpler chores How can they track their own progress?

How I Designed It:

Morning + Evening Chores  1 Weekly Chore Velcro Checkmarks Extra spots for special projects

Morning Chores

We're focusing on things they should already be doing: --taking care of personal hygiene  --cleaning up after themselves

By focusing on what they should already be doing, they're practicing taking care of things without needing to be told to do it.

Once they're in the habit of finishing their chores, we will change it or add more involved chores.

We added 2 things we currently struggle with to the evenings: --cleaning up toys & getting dirty clothes in the hamper We have more free time at night.

I got them each 2 money jars for Christmas- one for spending, one for saving.  The digital top displays how much is added and then the total.

The rule is they must split their earnings between the two jars evenly. The spending money is theirs to use how they want (obviously within reason).

They get a flat amount of an allowance per chore, so if they didn't finish their chores, they get credit for what they did do (for now). 

We're working on several things with how we set this up and I know it will take some time.  That's why we're starting slowly and being consistent.

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