Butter Boards: The latest food craze

By Design of Your Life

During our Fall Fest Dinner Party, which you can read about HERE, we hopped on the latest food craze & it was delicious. 

But what is a butter board?

Butter boards are a creative way to present traditional bread and butter on your table. Some restaurants will serve mixed butters, like honey butter, but these boards are styled in a beautiful way.

It's simple: take softened butter, smooth it on a serving board with a knife or spatula, and layer it with any kind of ingredients you'd like.

You really need to use nicer, flavorful butter (not margarine), in order for this to make sense.  We used salted  Kerry Gold.

What should you add to the butter?

Different salts and peppers Different oils & balsamic Fruit, fresh and dried Onions Spices Herbs The possibilities are endless!

So do you think you'll try a butter board at your next dinner party?