Ways to plan ahead for a smooth week

By Design of Your Life


If you spend a little bit of time on Sunday preparing for the week ahead, you can get more accomplished with less stress throughout the week.

Why Plan for the Week?

Take a look at the calendar and make note of every appointment for you and everyone for whom you are responsible.  Sit down with the other members of your household and plan who has to be where and how and when that's going to happen.  This will help you plan your days and make sure everyone is taken care of.

1. Plan Your Calendar


Ideally, you'll work with your spouse or partner on a monthly budget.  However, it's helpful to look at it together every week or two to see if you're on track, if you need to adjust, and make sure bills are scheduled or paid.  This will limit surprise stress during the week. 

Check In With Your Budget

Sometimes the hardest part of the morning is picking our your clothes for the day. Take time to plan out and set aside your clothes & accessories for the week.  Don't forget to lay out clothes for the workouts or after work engagements you have planned.

3. Check the Weather & Plan Your Clothes

4. Meal Plan & Prep

Plan Your Meals

Decide who is cooking what and when. Eating out? Plan for it.

4. Meal Plan & Prep

Grocery Shop

Get everything you need for your meal plan, snacks, and toiletries for the week.

4. Meal Plan & Prep

Prep Your Food

Prep everything you can in advance. Portion out snacks in bags for grab and go. Cut meat or veggies. Pack dry goods in advance.

Stay ahead of the mess by dividing up the chores amongst those in your household & plan when they'll be done. I'm a big proponent of starting kids off at an early age with chores as it helps teach them responsibility and that we all have responsibilities in/to our family.

5. Divide & Plan Chores

6. Take Time for Self Care

You cannot pour into other people or things if your own cup is empty. Make sure you take time to do something to care for yourself.  Take an hour to read a book with your coffee. Do your beauty routine. Exercise.

6. Take Time for Self Care

Make sure you have some down time to refresh and recharge, even if it's only for a short while.  Sometimes being intentional about scheduling or taking that time for yourself is enough.


Plan Your Calendar

Check In On Your Budget

Planning ahead can help limit stress and increase productivity.

Plan Out Your Clothes

Meal Plan & Prep