5 Top tips for efficiently cleaning your home

By Design of Your Life

Can you relate?

Hi! I'm Alicia & I do NOT like to clean. 

Here's what I'vc learned so far to help me clean my house as fast as possible. 

1. Work in zones

Each room is a zone.  Stay in one zone until it's finished & don't get distracted in other rooms.

TIP: Gather everything that doesn't belong in that zone in a basket. Carry it to the next room when your zone is finished. Put away the basket items as you move to each zone. 

2. Batch Work

Pick a task and complete it in every room before moving to the next task. 

EXAMPLE: Declutter everywhere, then dust everywhere then clean all glass/mirrors, then vacuum everywhere.

3. Work Top to Bottom

Start at the ceiling/ light fixtures and work your way down to the floor.  Why? So you only have to clean each surface once. 

4. Start with your least favorite task

Once it's finished, it's smoother sailing from there. You pick up momentum and end up feeling like you finished faster.  

5. Gather Your Supplies

EITHER: Make a Cleaning Kit to carry from room to room OR Put the supplies needed in each room.