Using color in interior design

By Design of Your Life

5 Tips for

Interior design is finally moving away from grey everything all across the country and here are some tips for how to use color effectively. 

The Time for Color has Finally Come!

1. Understand Color Theory

Different colors evoke different feelings, especially when used together or in abundance.

1. Understand Color Theory

Reds, oranges, yellows, tans= warm tones, can evoke feelings of intensity, love, fire, happiness, energy Blues, greens, greys, and purples = cool tones, can evoke peacefulness, calm, trust, wealth, nature

2. Establish a mood

Be intentional in your color choices and create the mood or vibe you want in that space.

3. be consistent

Once you pick a color palate or mood for a space, stick with it. Be careful not to confuse the vibe by incorporating other colors.

4. 60:30:10 Rule

Pick one color and use in about 60% of your space. Add a secondary color to about 30 percent of your space and an accent in about 10 percent.

5. DOn't forget texture

Sometimes, adding monochromatic textures enrich a color scheme without complicating the color pallate.