determine your interior design style

By Design of Your Life

5 Steps to

Do you gravitate to bold colors and patterns or neutral palettes and organic textures? Do you like highly structured pieces or flowing layers?

1. Look at Your Own Wardrobe

Close your eyes and start listing adjectives to describe how you want your space to look and feel. That's how I started to design my latest commercial project.

2. How Would You Like to Describe the Look & Feel of Your Home?

Design styles




Rustic, comfortable, lived in, repurposed accessories, warm wood tones

shades of blue, tan, & white, natural fibers/ textures, bright & airy

classic, layered, mixing patterns, ornate furniture

3. Understand the Various

Design styles


Mid Century 


bold, full of color & textures, global, pattern on pattern, greenery

1950s-60s, clean lines, warm woods, graphic patterns, form & function

minimalism, clean lines, light wood, light colors

3. Understand the Various

Other Styles Include: Industrial, Art Deco, Contemporary, French Country, Modern

Take what you've learned from your clothing, list of adjectives describing the vibe you want in your space, and the design styles you're drawn to after learning about them, and search Pinterest with this information. Start looking for common themes. 

4. Search Pinterest


The reclaimed wood and big furniture of the Farmhouse Style mixed with the wrought iron & black accents, clean lines, mixed metals, and layered organic textures of modern industrial style.  

Styles That Mix Well

Modern Farmhouse

Off-white Section Separator

TIP: Consider Mixing Styles


The clean contemporary lines share a space with the curved, more ornate lines of traditional design.  Neutral palettes are mixed with pops of color and/or visually interesting, though monochromatic textural layers.  

Styles That Mix Well

Traditional + Contemporary = Transitional

Finally, if after all of your research, you still cannot determine what your design style is, there are many, many quizzes you can take to help narrow it down. These are my favorites:

5. Take a Quiz

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