3 Tween/Teen Girl Bedroom Designs

By Design of Your Life


I love the possibilities and extra room to be super creative!

Hi! I'm Alicia & one of my favorite spaces to design is a kid's bedroom. 

Here are 3 of my favorite rooms I've designed for tween and teen girls. 


I made this mood board for my niece's bedroom design.  She was 8 (going on 18) when I redesigned her room. 

Watercolor Feature Wall


The entire design revolved around this gorgeous watercolor wallpaper. It's removable, stunning in person, and customizable. 

Watercolor Feature Wall


I made this mood board for my youngest niece's bedroom. She asked for rainbows and bright colors.

Rainbows & Board and Batten

The rainbows are totally customizable!


I made this bedroom design for my friend's 17-year old daughter. She asked for rainbows and more rainbows.  As she's a little older, I went a little more teen and less tween on the design. 

Rainbows & More Rainbows

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