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3 Activities We Are Doing to Help Our Children Start Thinking About Giving Back

Blessing Bags

We  talk with our kids about things a person may need if they do not have a job or a home, things we may take for granted. Then, we go purchase those items to put into comfort bags to deliver to a shelter.

Blessing Bags

Possible items to include: Shampoo Soap Toothbrush & toothpaste QTips Chapstick Deodorant Shaving cream & razor Tampons High protein food Bandaids Neosporin Lotion Socks Kleenex

Donate Clothes & Toys

We go through their old clothes and toys around the holidays and talk about how others may use them. Then we take the kids to drop off the items they've picked out to donate.

Put Out Snacks & Drinks for Delivery Drivers

It's a simple gesture, but it's helped my kids think about people who help us, especially in the pandemic.

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