ORC Week 4: Picking Up Momentum

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is in the books. We’re renovating our tiny mudroom and slightly bigger laundry room, combining them into one, and decided, while we’re at it, why not renovate the pantry on the adjacent wall in the kitchen. Let’s talk about where we’re at right now and what comes next.

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The Biggest Change is Finished

Like I explained last week, we took up the tile as well as the vinyl and underlayment below that so we were down to the subfloor and we had finally decided that we were going to move some plumbing.

We happened to find a plumber to come take a look at our space and he gave us a much more realistic estimate. He also provided us with an alternative option for rerouting the washing machine lines without coming from the basement.

So, he came last week and moved the lines and I’m super happy with the decision. It ended up being a bit more than expected, but still a fraction of the other estimate we received.

We ended up having to open the wall more than expected and so I’ve been learning how to patch the drywall.

Beyond that, we’ve gone to look for wall tile, I’ve been shopping for wallpaper, and I have the design of the sliding door and the doors for the built ins designed. Honestly, though, my last minute contract with the Home Depot for Halloween took up every minute of my free time in the last week.

Coming Up This Week

This week, we’ll be tiling the floor and painting and installing the cabinetry. Now, everything we have left to do in this room is within our capabilities and we should be able to make some major strides really quickly. Stay tuned for more updates!

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