Well, I have pretty much zero to report for you all for week 5. We were hit with a ton of “work work” and, in fact, I’m still working right now on Sunday night.

Also, I decided to paint our kitchen countertops instead. Now, in my defense, the counters are supposed to be a lot easier than the vertical space around our fireplace, because the epoxy is self-leveling (aka dripping if on a vertical surface). Now that I’ve learned a ton with the counters, I’m ready to finish the fireplace. I’ve prepped it and painted 3 coats of the white mineral paint. Now, I need to do the veining and cover with epoxy.

Here’s a look at the kitchen counters from when we bought the house, what it looked like before we changed the counters and what it looked like on the night we finished it.

When we bought the house
Before we painted the counters
Kitchen on the night we finished the counters

I’ve continued the search for all of the things–furniture, rug and runner, picture lights, textured wallpaper for the front of the cabinets, etc. I just haven’t seen anything I love or that will fit in our space. It’s driving me nuts but I’ll figure it out.

This next week will be big–it has to be. Stay tuned guys, we’ll rebound and jump in this week!

XOXO Alicia

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