Week 3 of the One Room Challenge saw some slow progress in our master bedroom refresh. So far I have several pieces of the furniture and accessories purchased and I have several DIY projects planned now. So, let’s jump in!

If you didn’t get a chance to read about week 1, here’s a picture of what the master bedroom looked like when we bought the house and the direction we’re going towards in the mood board.

Master Bedroom Before Picture
Master Bedroom Before Picture
One Room Challenge Design of Your Life Master Bedroom Mood Board
One Room Challenge Design of Your Life Master Bedroom Mood Board

So far, I have the walls painted Revere Pewter. I really love this color and I’ve wanted to use it for some time. However, it is absolutely the kind of color you have to try in your space and evaluate it in all types of light throughout the day. In our first house, the color ended up with a strong blue undertone, which is not what I wanted. However, in our new home, this color looks rich but subtle, interesting and calming. It’s the perfect color in our little oasis.

I got the chairs in mood board as well. They are a part of Amazon’s Rivet line and I absolutely love them. They the perfect depth and very comfortable. One thing I didn’t think about though, is just how wide they are. After having both of them in the space, it was clear that we only needed one and the room could only comfortably accommodate one. In the end that’s actually perfectly fine because it would be a super rare occasion where we would both want to be sitting in here next to each other without wanting to be at the table. Since we’ll use this space one at a time, we decided to put one in our room and one in the living room. I’m very happy with the placement of both chairs.

I found the cutest hammered side table/coffee table at a local overstock retailer called Bargains and Buyouts. Now, it isn’t a soft gold/brass like I have in my mind, for $29, I’ll take it in a silver tone. No brainer. And if I decide that the silver just isn’t going to work, I also know my way around spray paint. Plus, I already have some favorites in the color of the table in my mood board. That will be one of the last decisions I make, though, after I see everything else in the space.

I bought the most beautiful vegan leather pillows from Busa Designs that I am obsessed with now.

I also have the curtains hung! They are a beautiful dark green, have a luxurious velvet texture, and are black out curtains (you know, for the days some time in the future when our kids sleep beyond sunrise). Best of all, they’re from IKEA and were super inexpensive. Here’s the reading corner (before we took out the second chair).

One Room Challenge Master Bedroom Refresh, Design of Your Life
One Room Challenge, Week 3

Finally, I have the Loloi Layla rug installed. We had tried a different rug in this space when we first moved in, but it would not stay put. We were constantly tripping over it after it bunched up and I promised my husband that if I put another rug in there, I’d solve that problem. After a little research, I decided to give the Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad for Carpeted Floors on Amazon. I had no idea they made a special rug pad for carpeted floors, but let me tell you, it works! This rug has not moved at all. And thank goodness, because I LOVE this rug and would not want to have to get rid of it!

ORC Week 3 new rug
My New Loloi Layla Area Rug

I’ve also been thinking about the feature wall I talked about in the Week 2 post. I sketched out a possible pattern with paper and pen when it sort of popped in my head while working. Please excuse the poor drawing, but this is the only way I have right now to show what I’m thinking.

Possible Feature Wall Sketch

It’s not very clear from this sketch but each darker/black line on the wall is a separate thin piece of wood. I’m drawn to this pattern because it frames the furniture and mirror above the bed really well without overwhelming the wall and it is unlike anything I have seen before. The next step will be to put up painters tape once I have the furniture installed to make sure it feels right in the space.

So, that’s as far as we’ve gotten here. I’m hoping to make my final choices with furniture and the feature wall pattern this next week! I’m also going to narrow down the DIY projects I want to do as soon as it warms up and stops raining here.

I’d love to hear what you think of the room plans and for you to follow along on my ORC process here on the website but as well as on my Instagram and Pinterest!

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