It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I’ve been working on the design of the feature wall in the bedroom. The feature wall in the master bedroom is going to serve several purposes, from brightening the room, anchoring the bed, and adding visual interest to the walls without overwhelming the space. For that reason, I know I am going with a wooden pattern and the whole wall painted bright white. As I said in the first week’s post, the only windows in the bedroom are at the front of the house. There is a big window in the bathroom, but ultimately that window will likely be cut down to a transom (down the line) to accommodate a bigger shower stall. The bathroom wall blocks a lot of the light anyway. Hence the need to brighten the space.

The other consideration I have is that I plan to do a feature wall in the two-story living as well. It is going to be more of a classic square style like the following from Cecy J. Interiors:

ORC two story feature wall
Cecy J. Interiors

The other consideration I have is that I plan to do a feature wall in our two-story living room as well. It will be more of a shaker square or rectangle pattern, low profile and classic. This example by Cecy J. Interiors is what I’m thinking.

When you walk into our master bedroom, you walk through a doorway on this wall. While sitting in the living room, you see both the feature wall in the living room and in the master bedroom. Basically, I want the master bedroom to be visually interesting and not redundant.

I’ve thought about using smaller squares, maybe changing the profile or the thickness of the wood used. However, I think that could look very busy, especially in light of the pattern in the area rug and the cane webbing I would like to incorporate.

Now, the question is what pattern do I want to use? Here is a round up of several options I considered with real rooms as examples. I found these examples on Instagram and I’ve included their IG handles so you can check out their beautiful accounts.

One Room Challenge: Design of Your Life Feature Wall Inspo
One Room Challenge: Design of Your Life Feature Wall Inspiration

In the end, it’s looking like my choice will land somewhere between Carmel’s and Jackie’s. I would like for classic, clean lines, visually interesting but not busy or overwhelming. I still keep changing my mind and so I think my next step may need to be mapping out the pattern in painter’s tape. Stay tuned!

I’d love for you to follow along on my ORC process here on the website but as well as on my Instagram and Pinterest!

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