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My Top 6 Favorite Home Projects So Far

Hey friends, long time no see! Over the last several months, my family has been working through some health stuff with our oldest. I’m happy to say he’s doing really well and we’re trying to return to a life with lots of home design, DIY projects, and hosting events.

One of the most exciting things I have planned is my partnership with Google Web Stories! As one of their new ambassadors, I get to use their new WordPress plug in to create new webpages with content that looks like what you may find on Instagram Stories, TikTok, or Pinterest Idea Pins.

This is my very first ever Google Web Story. I decided to make a run down of my favorite home projects.

We moved into our home 3 years ago now and wow, does it look completely different. The biggest difference, without a doubt, has to be the exterior of our home.

Project Number 1: Exterior Paint

before and after photos of the exterior of our home, showing the newly painted white brick

Our home was a really washed out greige brick with rust stains from the screws holding up the shutters. It appears that they used the wrong hanging package for the shutters when the home was built, because those rust marks appear on the earliest pictures of our home that I could find.

To refresh our home’s exterior, we hired painters to apply Romabio’s Masonry Flat exterior mineral paint to our brick. The trim, doors, and shutters were all painted with a Sherwin Williams exterior latex paint. The difference is so major

Project Number 2: Back Patio

Even after painting the brick, our back patio needed some serious help. I added some new furniture and accessories, including the rug, pillows, and umbrellas.

The best part of the back patio, however, are the string light planters we made. I’ll post a tutorial soon on how to make those, but it’s true that string lights immediate set a fun and cozy mood.

Project 3: DIY Two Story Wainscoting Feature Wall

When we purchased the house, the entire two-story foyer and living room as well as the open second-floor loft had this orangey-beige faux texture paint ALL OVER. I’m confident that is one of the reasons the house sat on the market for so long–most people couldn’t see around what a huge, horribly messy project it would be to get rid of it all.

Before we moved in, we hired a contractor to sand down all of the walls, skim coat them flat, and then sand and smooth them out again. It was a major undertaking.

Then, I sat in my living room for about 2 years, staring at that tall, blank wall, thinking of what I wanted to do with it. With a wall that size, highlighted by a wall of windows across the back of the house and one at the front, it’s really easy to see the imperfections of the wall, both from how the sheetrock was hung and how the skim coating went.

Well, I got a crazy idea after seeing a single-story example on Instagram to do a recessed panel wainscoting treatment across the entire wall. It was quite the project, with many ups and downs, but I’m totally in love with how it turned out, not to mention super proud of it.

Project Number 4: DIY Nursery Feature Wall

It took me quite a while to figure out which theme I wanted for Eli’s room. One look at an adorable Crate and Barrel Outer Space-themed baby quilt, though, and I saw it in my mind. I had seen wallpaper with constellation patterns, but I wanted something a little more special. I will write a tutorial soon, but I figured out a way to draw by hand the pattern of the starts on the night he was born on his wall. It makes me so happy.

Project Number 5: DIY Faux Marble Painted Granite

The kitchen in our home had been somewhat updated when we bought the house. There were more modern cabinets and granite countertops, but the lighting and cabinet hardware looked to be original to our 1990s-built house and the pattern of the granite clashed horribly with the taupe and cream herringbone backsplash. Paul wasn’t a fan of either, but I told him if I could neutralize the granite pattern, the backsplash wouldn’t bother him so much.

I found the solution again on Instagram and I got a Giani Carrera Marble granite countertop painting kit. I’ll post a tutorial soon, but I can tell you that it was such a worth while project that I finished in one weekend.

We get so many compliments on our kitchen now and people are always shocked to learn that these are not new marble countertops.

Project Number 6: DIY Feature Wall Molding

We remodeled our master bedroom for our very first Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. It was one of our very first projects in the house, which we were able to complete at night after the kids went to bed. We actually cut the wood for the board and batten and sanded it inside our room because we figured it was a lot easier to clean up saw dust from our room than put the kids back to bed multiple times after waking them with power tools outside their bedroom windows.

My favorite part of this board and batten feature wall is the pattern. I haven’t seen anyone else with such a pattern yet and I really like how it frames out the bed and two side cabinets.

These six projects have totally changed the look and feel of our house. We went from a pretty dated, dark home to a more modern, brighter home that better fits our personality. It’s been a very busy three years and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish in the next three.

Thank you so much for following along with our journey. It has always been my goal to show you how we design our life in the hopes of inspiring you with the design of yours. I’m very excited to be able to use Google Web Stories as another tool to help me do just that.

XOXO Alicia

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