Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas

My son wanted a Minecraft-themed birthday and the most important party decoration was, of course, the Minecraft Birthday Cake. Here are some of my best ideas that helped me pull off this epic birthday cake for his 7th birthday!

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What is Minecraft?

At the time of this post, Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games in history. I don’t know a whole lot about it but basically you can build a pretty unlimited world for your avatars. It involves digging through rocks and dirt, mining for minerals, and surviving against spiders and other bad guys called mobs. What I took away from that…lots of land, rocks, water, etc. Hence, I came up with this cake:

minecraft themed cake int he shape of a 7 with rice crispie and brownie rocks and jello water

Foods You Can Use to Make a Minecraft Birthday Cake

  • Rice Crispy Treats
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Twix/Kit Kats
  • Milk Duds
  • Jello

How to Build the Minecraft Birthday Cake?

I started planning the cake portion. First, I wanted to make a layer cake with frosting between each layer. I decided to use chocolate cake for the bottom layer and then I used 3 boxes of vanilla cake mix dyed to light brown and 2 shades of green. This was the earth/land in my Minecraft cake.

I trimmed each cake down so it was flat on top with a bread knife. Then I trimmed the bottom layer, the chocolate cake, into the shape of a 7. From there, I placed the bottom layer in the center of my cake board (a white cutting board I used) and added a layer of frosting. Then I trimmed the light brown cake into a 7 and added it right on top. I followed it with another layer of frosting and the light green cake and then the last layer, dark green cake, in the same fashion.

Once all 4 cakes were layered in the center of the board, I took a large knife and trimmed the sides of the 7. If your layered cakes start to tilt, you can place wooden skewers or long toothpicks throughout it to keep it steady.

How to Build the Minecraft Rocks & Water?

While the cakes were baking, I mixed up a pan of rice crispy treats and stuck them into the refrigerator. Then I mixed up a pan of brownies. I used this special pan that made little brownie squares where each of the 4 sides was baked like the outsides of a pan of brownies.

The Best Brownie pan ever

This brownie pan was a huge help for making the brownie “dirt” bricks for the Minecraft birthday dessert. It meant that the edges of the brownies were stronger. Plus I didn’t have to cut them so there was no risk of crumbling edges (although that may not have been an issue if trying to replicate dirt).

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I baked the brownies while making the number 7 layer cake. I let them cool completely while the rice crispy treats were cooling in the refrigerator.

I also make the blue jello that would make up the water in my little Minecraft universe and stuck it into the refrigerator.

Did you know?

The way to get the Jell-o to be a little firmer is to use less water? I made 2 boxes of blue raspberry Jell-o which would typically take 2 cups of hot water and 2 cups of cold water per box. I used the 4 cups of hot water and then added one cup of cold water.

One more tip: I poured the Jello into several pie pans (because I was out of other pans and room in the frig) so that it was not as thick as if I had poured it all into one pan. This would mean that it would cool faster and be firmer if I decided to put the Jello in brick forms too.

Close Up Video of the Minecraft Cake

How to Assemble the Minecraft Cake?

  • Make your layer cake into a 7 (or whichever number you need)
  • Stack blocks of rice crispy treats
  • Stack blocks of brownies around and on top of the rice crispy treats
  • Add chocolate bars and milk duds
  • Add the green frosting to the top of the cake and anywhere else you’d like “grass”
  • Add Legos and sign
  • Add trees and Jello “water” right before you serve the cake

My Favorite Minecraft Party Favors & Decor

Tip for Making Trees on Your Minecraft Birthday Cake

The lumps of rice crispy treats with green icing at the top and bottom of the number 7 were trees. I made them by sticking a Twix into the cake and then adding square rice crispy treats on top. They obviously fell so if I could do it again, I would put those trees in the freezer and add them when I added the water, right before serving the cake.

Now, I have many fantastic tasting cake and frosting recipes, but they are pretty much lost on my 7-year-old and his friends. Cake is cake for them. But if you’d like to create a really decadent and flavorful cake, check out some of my cake recipes under the desserts section!

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minecraft themed cake int he shape of a 7 with rice crispie and brownie rocks and jello water

That is how I created the Minecraft cake! The possibilities are endless, just like they apparently are in Minecraft, the game. After years of countless Lego building hours, this was actually pretty easy for me to pull off. I would LOVE to see if you make your own version of this cake!

XOXO Alicia

Did you make this cake?

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