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Designing Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Let’s face it–the demands on us as family members, spouses, parents, friends, employees, and neighbors are incredibly high and we all feel the pressure to be a lot of things to a lot of people at some point. Then again, you cannot do that without also taking care of yourself. I do NOT claim to have all of the answers, but I’m sharing what I have learned and even what I still need to figure out in the hopes of helping you in the design of your life.

At the core, I believe:

Burn the nice candles. Use the fancy dishes and expensive sheets. Life is too short to save things for another day that isn’t promised.

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40 Lessons from 40 Years

I’m taking these life lessons, many learned the hard way, with me into the next 40.

At the core, I believe:

Busy is not an achievement. Fulfillment is.


My Best Time Management Tips

At the core, I believe:

You cannot pour into someone else from an empty cup.


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