DIY Pottery Barn Dupe:

Demi Village Wreath

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PB’s Version

My Inspiration

I love the Pottery Barn Demi Village Wreath, but I knew I could make it for far less than $79.

In the end, it was really quite simple.

I made a Web Story if you’d like to get a quick recap of the process or Pin it to your Pinterest Board.

DIY Pottery Barn Dupe: Demi Village Wreath
My Version!

This is How You Make it:

Demi Village Wreath Dupe Materials
Cut & Attach Greenery

1. Gather Materials

  • House ornament
  • Gold wire wreath hoop (or one you can paint gold)
  • Floral wire
  • Winter bushes/sprigs
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Wooden stars
  • Paint for the stars

2. Cut & Attach Greenery

1. Cut the stems off of the bushes/sprigs. Then lay them out along the hoop from the bottom center up the left side. 

2. Secure them with floral wire, making sure to hide the wire behind parts of the bushes.

3. Add dabs of hot glue between the sprigs and the hoop, so you hide the glue.

4. Repeat on the right side. Two sprigs on both sides will likely be enough.

Attach the House Ornament

3. Attach the House Ornament

1. When adding the sprigs, try to make the bottom center thicker like a platform by adding hot glue in between all 4 sprigs in the center. 

2. Attach the house ornament by adding hot glue to under side of the ornament & holding it on top of the center “platform” you made. 

Attach the Trees & Stars

4. Attach the Trees & Stars

1. Once the house is firmly in place, arrange the trees on each side It and secure with hot glue. 

2. Add the wooden stars sporadically on the left and right side sprigs. I painted the wooden stars a champagne gold color, but you can leave them or change the color.

5. Make & Attach the Ribbon Bow

You can secure the ribbon with hot glue.

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