DIY Faux Marble Painted Granite Tutorial, Part 1

Kitchen Cabinets after
Kitchen Cabinets after

I’ve had several people over since we transformed our outdated and mismatched kitchen countertops and not one person knew our countertops were DIY faux marble painted granite. Several people asked when we got new countertops!

While we love how they brighten up and modernize the kitchen design, one of the best parts about the project was how easy it was. Let’s dive in to part 1 of the tutorial!

If you’re ready for part 2, check it out HERE.

Also, be sure to check out my Web Story of part 1 and part 2 (when they’re finished)! AND you can find all of the sources for this room HERE.

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Why We Painted Our Granite Countertops

When we purchased the house, it was very clear that a few cheaper upgrades were added to try to help sell it. One such upgrade, we think, was the kitchen backsplash and they did NOT match the countertops AT ALL!

I saw a few people on Instagram who had gorgeous countertops they had painted so I reached out to a few. They all used the Giani kit and they were all thrilled with the results. I was sold! SO, I purchased a kit and worked with the company to have a second kit gifted since I had more square footage than one kit could cover.

DIY Faux Marble Painted Granite Countertops: Before Picture
Our Kitchen Before We Painted the Countertops

Some Important Information

One kit covers 35 square feet or 16 running feet of standard 24″ wide counters – the average amount of countertop area in a kitchen. I needed an extra can of white paint and epoxy.

For an average size kitchen from start to finish, it takes about one weekend.: 4 to 9 hours of actual painting time; 48 hours drying time; FULL CURE TIME = 7 DAYS

Shut all windows, turn off fans, keep kids and pets out of the area. Keep temperatures between 72-75 degrees F.

It is possible to paint surfaces other than granite, but this is where I have my experience.

First Step: Watch the Tutorial Video

Giani has a very good tutorial video on their website and on their Amazon listing. I would start there by watching the tutorial.And then watch it again.

I did read the written instructions, and there are a couple things you may learn from that, the video has a hands on demonstration of each step. It’s well worth the time to start and then again before you move from prep, to paint, to epoxy. It helped me feel confident in what I was doing as I almost certainly permanently changed our granite.

Giani Kit Tutorial Video Cover
Giani Kit Tutorial Video Cover
Giani Tutorial Video first slide
DIY Giani Faux Marble Painted Granite Countertops Kit
DIY Giani Faux Marble Painted Granite Countertops Kit

Gather Your Materials

The Giani Faux Marble Painted Granite Countertop Kit includes most of what you will need.

However, Giani recommends that you have a few other things on hand (to the right) that will be helpful in completing this project. I used everything but the nail polish remover.

Additional materials you should have on hand for your faux marble painted granite countertops: nail polish remover, #600 grit sandpaper, acrylic caulk, brillo pad, painter's tap, paint opener, tweezers, paper towels and plates
Additional materials you should have on hand.
Kitchen Counters prep sheeting
Cover all surfaces you are not painting.

Prep Your Granite Countertops

Wash your countertops well. Hot water and a bit of Dawn dish soap with a microfiber towel and an SOS pad–that’s all I used.  Rinse counters twice to make sure they’re clean/clear of soap.

Do NOT sand or rough up counters. DO fill in gauges/chips with wood filler & sand smooth with 600 grit.

Cover every surface you do not want to be painted. There’s plenty of plastic sheeting provided with the kit. I used painters tape to secure the plastic to protect every surface I didn’t want painted. Drips on cabinets are very likely, especially the epoxy, so it is really important to cover them.

More Important Tips

DO use 2 rows of high quality painter’s tape on the backsplash.

DO remove all caulk and clean up with rubbing alcohol.

DO NOT use paintable caulk. 

DO use silicone caulk after counters are cured.

So that is why and how we prepped DIY faux marble painted granite countertops. Part 2 of this series covers the painting process once you’ve followed the prep process in part 1.You can find all of the sources for this project HERE! In the meantime, It’s on to Part 2!

XOXO Alicia

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