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I recently had the chance to work with The Better Sleep Shop at Morris Home Furniture to find a new mattress and I had the best experience. (sponsored post) Paul and I went in a little nervous and left knowing we got the best mattress for us and our needs. I’ll tell you all about our shopping process here and why you should go visit The Better Sleep Shop at Morris home Furniture for your next mattress.

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The Better Sleep Shop in Morris Home Furniture

The average lifespan of a mattress is 7 to 10 years, although nicer mattresses can last longer when taken care of. Mattresses are not inexpensive, and for good reason.

When you think about how important good sleep is to…well, every part of your life…and how important your mattress is to good sleep, it makes sense that you often get what you pay for.

For this reason, Paul and I were a little nervous, but also super excited, when Morris Home Furniture reached out to work together to help us find some outdoor furniture and a mattress.

The outdoor furniture was easy, because we were working to match some furniture we already had, our space is finite on the patio, and all of their furniture is beautifully made. We got the Ocean Swivel Club Chairs and they are everything!

Back patio furniture

But a mattress is super important, a much bigger and potentially longer-lasting purchase, and there are lots of factors that go into picking the right one.

luxury mattress Tempur-Pedic

Thankfully, the representatives at The Better Sleep Shop in Morris Home Furniture got to know us, how we sleep, what we need in a mattress, and then walked us through all of our options. It truly is the best place to buy a mattress!

One of the best parts about our experience at the Better Sleep Shop was that the sales reps actually asked us about how we slept. It matters if you tend to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, if you sleep hot or cool, if you like to be cradled by a mattress or you prefer more support.

Once they had that information, they started to narrow down our options based on our feedback. They had us lay on several different mattresses and looked at the alignment of our spine.

luxury mattress Tempur-Pedic

At one point, I was considering how one mattress felt and I knew something was off. The sales rep asked if my shoulder was starting to hurt a little (I’m a side sleeper) and it absolutely was. He knew it just by looking at the way the mattress supported me that it was not the right one.

Finally, it came down to choosing between two different Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Paul and I were going back and forth and then the sales rep suggested that we get the less expensive of the two because the extra bells and whistles on the more expensive mattress were not things that mattered very much to us and wouldn’t make a noticeable difference in how we sleep. He said that if we decided we didn’t like it, we could upgrade to the more expensive one within a certain amount of time.

How great is that?! They truly were interested in getting us into the correct mattress, not just the most expensive one.

On top of all of that, there was one other aspect of our visit that made us customers for life.

We had an appointment to meet with the Morris sales reps and had scheduled a babysitter to watch the boys. When she canceled, we ended up having to bring the boys with us.

They were wild. I mean, it was one of those embarrassing parenting moments where you are absolutely mortified and swear to yourself you’re going to tell their future children about it so one day the payback is even worse. If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about, right?

They looked at the enormous showroom of mattresses, sofas, dining sets, etc, and saw a jungle gym. But the sales reps took it in stride, talked with and distracted our boys, and even made them paper airplanes to throw around while we were checking out and setting up delivery.

That honestly meant so much to us. I’m wife and mama and a professional woman who also has a passion for my side business of interior design and content creation. It is ALL super important to me. Many times I’ve found myself wondering if I can to do it all and should I even be trying to do it all.

After the year I’ve had, with Ethan’s medical diagnosis and treatment, and my long COVID, surgery, and recovery, it has been a struggle at times to keep up with (and remember and concentrate on) just the basics.

And when we ended up with the boys, practically feral, at what was, for me, a very important work event, I was doubting all of the above. But the sales people at Morris made us so comfortable, helped us make the best, educated decision, and even had some fun with my kids in the process.

Really, I cannot recommend Morris Home Furniture and the Better Sleep Shop enough. If you are in the tristate area, make sure you shop at Morris Home Furniture when you’re looking for your next furniture or mattress purchase.

I’ll show you how I’ve styled the out door patio with the new chairs soon!

XOXO Alicia

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  1. Mattresses are such a big part of good sleep, and sleep a big part of good health. Your family is adorable Alicia!