8 Creative Halloween DIYs on a Budget

I’ve teamed up with some of my best blogging friends to bring you a round up of ideas for creative Halloween DIYs on a budget! Whether you want cute and cuddly, or super scary, we’ve got Halloween projects for all levels of creators.

Creative Halloween DIYs on a Budget Round Up

I have been very fortunate in my blogging journey to meet some amazingly talented creators and I’m excited to say that I’ve teamed up with 7 of them to bring you a round up post of creative Halloween DIY project ideas on a budget! I promise, you’ll want to make every…single…one…and they won’t break the bank! Of course, you know I had to include one of my own favorites for you at the end!

orange and black paper mache jack-o-lanterns

Faux Vintage Paper Mache Pumpkins

Truly vintage paper mache pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns are very rare and can be super expensive. Jill’s figured out how to get this vintage decor look for less!

black ceramic skull decorated in bright colors

DIY Sugar Skulls

Isn’t this gorgeous?! Molly has a step-by-step YouTube video on how to make these creative sugar skulls, perfect for a Day of the Dead celebration!

mini ghosts hung on a black wire

DIY Ghost Gardland

My friend Rhegis is at it again with these adorable and easy-to-make ghost garlands that make for the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween mantle!

white tea towel with black hand-stitched embroidery

DIY Embroidered Tea Towel

Want to set out a cute, themed tea towel for your Halloween decorations but don’t want to spend tons of money? Follow this easy DIY tutorial from Katy at Simply Gold Studio!

wooden sign with black and red Halloween themed faux flowers

DIY Upcycled Halloween Decor

Mandi shows you all about how to take a thrifted piece of decor and turn it into a Halloween decoration masterpiece with a few simple, inexpensive steps.

tomato cages with white sheets and black eyes to look like ghosts

DIY Tomato Cage Ghosts

Alex at Gray Cedar Home has one of my favorite, budget-friendly Halloween DIYs in her tutorial for how to make tomato cage ghosts.

front porch with planter full of black plants in purple pot with a skull and candy nearby

Halloween Decor from Dead Houseplants

Chica and Jo are sharing one of my all-time favorite budget tricks for creating Halloween decorations using things you likely already have around the house (aka paint and dead houseplants).

black DIY spider 8-10 feet big with red glowing eyes

DIY Giant Spider

Of course you know I had to include my DIY Giant Spider for this Halloween DIY round up!

These 8 Halloween DIY projects should keep you busy for a couple days AND won’t empty your bank account in the process! I’m sure many of you have most of the materials used in these creative Halloween projects already around the house. This is why I LOVE this blogging community! Super talented people getting it done, making it super creative and cool, on a budget. What could be better?!

Until next time, my Halloween-loving friends!

XOXO Alicia

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