6 Ways to Plan Ahead for a Smooth Week

6 Ways to Plan Ahead for a Smooth Week
6 Ways to Plan Ahead for a Smooth Week

Have you ever heard of the “Sunday Scaries”? It’s the concept that Sundays end up being a little tougher or you’re more anxious because you know the start of the work or school week is just hours away. I used to be particularly susceptible to the Sunday Scaries but I’ve recently found 6 ways to plan ahead for a smooth week.

I’ll be honest, I do not always get to all 6 or even to 1 some weekends. However, every time I do, my week is significantly smoother, I’m more productive, and my stress is lowered. I’d love to share these with you, dear reader, in case the Sunday Scaries get you too. LET’S GET STARTED!

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1. Plan Your Calendar

Take a look at the calendar and make note of every appointment for you and everyone for whom you are responsible. 

Sit down with the other members of your household and plan who has to be where and how and when that’s going to happen. 

This will help you plan your days and make sure everyone is taken care of.

Steering wheel covered in notes as a reminder of errands to do
Plan Your Calendar
Hand writing home budget with calculator

2. Check in with Your Budget

Ideally, you’ll work (with your spouse or partner) on a monthly budget. 

However, it’s helpful to look at it (together) every week or two to see if you’re on track, if you need to adjust, and make sure bills are scheduled or paid. If your income is consistent, you should be able to schedule most of the month’s recurring bills ahead of time.

This will limit surprise stress during the week. 

3. Check the Weather & Plan Your Clothes

Sometimes the hardest part of the morning is picking our your clothes for the day.

Take time to plan out and set aside your clothes & accessories for the week. With an eye on the weather and the appointments and events you have during the week, you should be able to plan your wardrobe for the week, make sure everything fits and is in good order, and even pick out your shoes and accessories.

Don’t forget to lay out clothes for the workouts or after work engagements you have planned.

Wardrobe rack with women's clothes and different shoes at white

4. Meal Plan & Prep

This is probably the best thing we do for ourselves over the weekend to set us up for a smooth week.

Person's Hand Filling Meal Plan On Notebook

Plan Your Meals

Decide who is cooking what and when. Eating out? Plan for it.

Plan you snacks, your drinks, and some back up meals in case you end up with less time than you’ve planned one night.

TIP: Look through your pantry and freezer and try to plan meals using what you already have. It keeps your grocery bill lower and often times reduces food waste.

woman hand hold supermarket shopping cart with abstract blur org

Get All of Your Groceries

Get everything you need for your meal plan, snacks, and toiletries for the week.

Meal delivery services like Shipt, Instcart, and Kroger Click List are super helpful because they allow you to take care of more of your work at home while also having your grocery list fulfilled. Just make sure to pay attention to your phone to answer questions and communicate about substitutitions.

Meal prep. Stack of home made roast dinners

Prep Your Food

Prep everything you can in advance.

Portion out snacks in bags for grab and go.

Cut meat or veggies.

Pack dry goods for lunches in advance.

5. Divide & Plan Out Chores

Stay ahead of the mess by dividing up the chores amongst those in your household & plan when they’ll be done.

I’m a big proponent of starting kids off at an early age with chores as it helps teach them responsibility and that we all have responsibilities in/to our family.


Hand writing home budget with calculator

6. Take Time for Self Care

Have you ever hard the saying, “You cannot pour into other people or things if your own cup is empty”? Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned this lesson several times, sometimes the hard way. And it is very true. If you are constantly going and taking care of everyone else, the time will come that you have nothing less to give or you cannot give effectively. Make sure you take time to do something to care for yourself. 

It doesn’t have to be big. Take an hour to read a book with your coffee. Use a facial mask. Do your nails. Exercise. 

Make sure you have some down time to refresh and recharge, even if it’s only for a short while.  Sometimes being intentional about scheduling or taking that time for yourself is enough.

Relax, refresh and recharge in office
a woman is reading a book and holding coffee
Self care is the new health care. Motivational quote on black letter board with variety of organic body and face care products. Natural homemade eco friendly beauty products

These are my top 6 ways to prepare for a smooth week. Like I said before, we DO NOT always make it through all 6 and some weeks we don’t even get through 1. And you also have to be flexible because, as they say, when you plan, God laughs. Things will not go as planned. But when we do several of these, it’s remarkable how much better–AND FASTER–our week seems.

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6 Ways to Plan Ahead for a Smooth Week
6 Ways to Plan Ahead for a Smooth Week

Do you have any weekend rituals or plans that help you have a better week? I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

XOXO Alicia

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  1. Great post! I am a bit obsessed with organization and love routines! Thanks for all the great tips! I will pin it for future reference! Thanks, Donna

    1. Me too! Anything that makes life easier or more beautiful, I’m all in. Bonus if it does both!