5 DIY Christmas Projects to Prep for Now

I absolutely love the holidays and I tend to do a lot of DIYs to add to my Christmas decorations. A lot of these materials will go on sale in between now and the holiday season and, with a little planning, you could be prepared for all of your DIY Christmas projects well in advance for much less. Take a look at these DIYs you can prep for now!

pictures of 5 different DIY Christmas projects, including two wreaths, an ornament wreath, and two snow globe jars

The holidays are a magical time…FULL of more things that could be on your to do list than you could ever hope to finish. That’s why I find it so helpful to prepare ahead of time for as much as possible. It keeps me sane during the stress of the holiday season. Plus, since I can purchase what I need when it goes on sale rather than waiting for when helps me come under budget for “all of the things” I’d like to do.

Here are 5 DIYs I did last year that you could prepare for NOW ahead of the holiday season.

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1. DIY Snowball Wreath

DIY Christmas Project: Snowball Wreath made of shades of grey and white yarn balls on a wreath form and burlap bow.
DIY Snowball Wreath

This is by far my most popular wreath and it’s really one of the simplest once you get into the rhythm.

The main material you need is yarn–lots and lots of yarn in different shades of white, taupe, and grey, different textures, different sheens.

From now through mid-November, yarn will go on sale at the big craft suppliers. For example, Hobby Lobby had yarn 30% off over the weekend. If you want to make this wreath this winter, I’d stock up on yarn now. You could also slowly wrap your yarn balls, a.k.a. snowballs, while you relax and binge [insert Netflix show here].

Here’s my DIY tutorial if you’d like to get a head start!

2. DIY Snow Globe Jars

I made these snow globe jars with the kids last season and it was a lot of fun. The glass jars will often go on clearance sale at the end of the summer as the stores make room for the next edition, which by the way look exactly like the clearance version. They are also really popular deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep an eye out for them as well as deals on small ornaments that you would like to put inside them. Check out my Google Web Story about how to make these in the meantime.

DIY Christmas Projects: how to make glass jar snow globes with faux snow, bottle brush trees, and ornaments of houses and cars
DIY Christmas Projects; how to make glass jar snow globes with faux snow, bottle brush trees, and ornaments of houses and cars
DIY Christmas Projects; how to make glass jar snow globes with faux snow, bottle brush trees, and ornaments of houses and cars

3. DIY Pottery Barn Dupe: Demi Village Wreath

DIY Christmas Projects; DIY Pottery Barn Dupe: Demi Village Wreath

I saw the Demi Village Wreath on the Pottery Barn website and fell in love. However, I couldn’t justify spending $80 for a small wreath that I knew I could make, much larger, and for a fraction of the cost.

This wreath takes a little bit of patience, but it’s very doable. Just before Thanksgiving, the greenery stems will go on sale. Be sure to get them when you see them on sale.

The main thing, though, is to look for the little village house at the center of the wreath. The Pottery Barn version is a couple years old now and may not come back this year. So keep an eye out for one that will work.

Check out the full tutorial HERE!

4. DIY Pottery Barn Dupe: St. John Bell-Shaped Scented Candle

 DIY Dupe of Pottery Barn St. John Bell-Shaped Candle Tutorial

What can I say, I’m a big fan of Pottery Barn dupes. Well…and I’m cheap, at least with things that I know I can make myself.

These bell-shaped candles are really expensive in my opinion, but there is a way around that.

Joann Fabric has a ceramic bell-shaped containers that are the perfect replica. They sell out quickly though, so as soon as they start putting holiday decor out, you should start looking for them.

You also can look for holiday scented candles that are on clearance or on sale. I like to find vanilla scented candles and then mix them with a smaller cinnamon or clove-scented candle. You could also save up your partially candles to melt down.

My full tutorial is HERE!

5. DIY Ornament Arch

DIY Christmas Projects; DIY ornament arch frames the front door and is backlit with white twinkle lights
Our front porch never looked so good!

I am by far the most excited about how this DIY turned out last year. The thing about the ornament arch is that it takes A TON of ornaments–several hundred or more, depending on the size of your porch/arch.

Hobby Lobby, Walmart, the At Home Store, and Target will all have big deals on large sets of shatterproof ornaments in all kinds of festive colors around Black Friday/Cyber Monday as well.

The key to this is to get more–much more–than you think you’ll need. You’ll likely need them all. And once these sets sell out, they are gone for the season. Just be cognizant of return policies and keep your receipts. That way you can return anything you don’t use. Check out my full tutorial HERE!

One Last Tip:

Another thing to keep in mind when prepping for DIY Christmas projects is that last season’s items often go on sale or clearance at the beginning of the following season. The best thing I can recommend is to make a list of what you will need by the end of the summer so that when you see seasonal items start to roll out, you’ll know to start checking online for deals.

pictures of 5 different Christmas DIYs, including two wreaths, an ornament wreath, and two snow globe jars
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Hopefully, this will get you in the festive spirit a little bit ahead of time and even save you some time and money before the holiday season. Make sure you check out my Pinterest boards for more holiday inspiration!

XOXO Alicia

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  1. That ornament arch of yours has got to be the best I’ve seen. Alicia. Just stunning!

  2. I’ve been looking for this ornament arch for ages, but when I click on the link for the DIY it says it can’t be found?! Help please!

    1. I updated the post and I’m about to make it live now!