2022 Design Trends

A Sneak Peak at the Interior Design Trends

I Think Will Dominate This Year

2022 Design Trends Cover
2022 Design Trends Cover

While the world around us has changed significantly over the last few years, there are some definite trends that have emerged in the way we live. People have figured out that home can be anywhere if they get to work from home full time. And after spending 24/7 for weeks on end in their homes, they have figured out that they want more space.

Even within the interior design world, some definite design trends have emerged throughout the pandemic, and as you’ll see below, some trends involving the rooms we focus on and the materials we use will continue this year. That’s certainly good news for those of us who invested a whole lotta time into DIYs and home remodeling.

If you want a quick rundown, check out my web story HERE!

So you may be asking, “how could you possibly know what the design trends will be?” And the short answer is, of course, I don’t know for sure. However, if you pay attention to the furniture, paint, wallpaper, decor designers and the interior designers and magazines, the trends tend to pop out. At least they do to me.

sofa with rounded edges may be popular this year, but it does not fit my aesthetic currently

I’m absolutely sure that my own tastes influence my thoughts on which design trends are going to be popular. For example, I saw several mentions of curved or round furniture, especially seating, in the last half of 2021. I, personally, love a gorgeous round table in the right space. In fact, I have one myself right now in my kitchen. In my designs, I love adding rounder, softer edges in the home accents I use, such as lamps and vases, especially when the furniture or wall paneling is very angular. But a sofa like the one above just isn’t fitting into my aesthetic at the moment. So, let’s jump into the 2022 design trends I think will dominate this year.

2022 Design Trends Wallpaper
2022 Design Trends Wallpaper

Number 1: Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in a BIG way and a big reason for that, I think, is that removable wallpaper is just so good right now. There are many retailers and makers, tons of patterns, sheens, and themes, and the “removability” is really effective. Of course, it depends on the surface you are putting it on–adding it straight to drywall is not likely to come off without damaging the wall, for example–but the removable wallpaper I’ve used recently can be taken on and off, repositioned multiple times. This absolutely expands the possibilities for your design choices in any room.

8 Removable wallpaper samples demonstrating the different textures and patterns available these days.
This is NOT your mama’s wallpaper!

Number 2: Goodbye Grey & Gray Walls, Hello Bright White

I cannot even tell you how excited and ready I am to move on from grey/gray everything. This does not mean that the color disappears from interior or even exterior design. But a home with grey on every wall, on the floors, on the cabinetry, etc., will start to become less popular, or, if you’re like me, detested. Strong word, I know, but I am so ready for bright and airy and less cool and dark. My favorite white paint colors for walls include SW Alabaster and Chantilly Lace. Pure White and Decorator’s White are my favorites for trim.

2022 Design Trends White Walls
2022 Design Trends: White Walls
2022 Design Trends: Cane & Rattan
2022 Design Trends: Cane & Rattan

Number 3: Cane & Rattan Continue Their Popularity

The love affair with these natural fibers continues, and I’m so here for it. Cane and rattan webbing are showing up on the fronts of cabinet doors and drawers, the backs of chairs, the tops of tables, and throughout home accents.

I think using it on furniture is a safe bet for a long while to come. I, personally, am not going to start investing in a lot of vases and lamps, etc. I think it’s a rich texture that is visually interesting and will remain a classic element in midcentury modern, transitional, coastal, and eclectic designs.

Number 4: Appliance Colors Other Than Stainless Steel

For many years, even decades, stainless steel appliances were the gold standard for interior design. Now, the tide is shifting towards appliance fronts that are the same color as cabinetry, white, and black, that look like cabinets themselves, and/or that include mixed metal accents. They are so popular that lines like the Café Appliances line are back ordered for months. I think this is a trend that will last for quite a long time, so feel free to update your appliances as needed with this trend.

2022 Design Trends: Goodbye Stainless Steel Appliances
2022 Design Trends: Goodbye Stainless Steel Appliances
2022 Design Trends: Hello Warm Neutrals
2022 Design Trends: Hello Warm Neutrals

Number 5: Out Goes the Grey/Gray, In Comes Warm Neutrals (FINALLY!)

Welcome back warm neutrals, everyone! Browns and tans are coming back into furniture/upholstery, rugs, pillows, and other home accents. I am so ready for it. I think you’ll also start to see it coming to walls near you, though greige may be the intermediate step for those not quite yet ready to get away from grey completely.

Also, just because warm neutrals are back, don’t think that black accents are going away with the grey . . . let’s get to that next.

Number 6: Black Accents,

Meet the Masses

Black accents have been popular, but they will remain popular and even become more prevalent. I think it will be a popular choice for bathrooms. Mirror frames, shower glass panels, faucets, windows, interior and exterior doors, picture frames, vases, lamps, and even rugs–you’ll see black accents everywhere, and it’ll show up right along side warm neutrals. I have been ready for this trend for years now! Let’s warm up our spaces, people!

2022 Design Trends: Black Accents
2022 Design Trends: Black Accents
2022 Design Trends: Moody Rooms
2022 Design Trends: Moody Rooms

Number 7: Mooooody Rooms

While designers and decorators are looking forward to bright and airy rooms, and maybe even because of it, we’ll be seeing dark and moody rooms being embraced like never before. Black and blues, dark greens, and maybe even dark browns eventually, will have a place in an otherwise brightly decorated home.

One thing that people will hopefully realize is that just because dark paint is on the walls, it doesn’t necessarily mean the room will look dark, smaller, or claustrophobic. Sometimes, dark walls with bright white trim and accents can really liven a room up. I’m excited to see home decorators like myself experiment with this trend.

Number 8: All White Kitchens Get Some Color

Plain and simple, white kitchens will always be a classic. I do not think they will ever really “go out” of style. I do think we’re heading towards lighter wood tones in the kitchen, but a complete kitchen remodel is, as we all know or can imagine, takes a significant investment. In the meantime, I think people will start to paint portions of their existing white cabinets, whether it’s the island or even the lower cabinets.

I do think we’ll see entire kitchen cabinets for new kitchens be installed in colors other than white or wood. I’m not sure how long that trend will continue or how prevalent that will be in the average person’s home, so I’m not jumping on that wagon just yet. But I think home decorators will go for color for a change of pace in their current kitchens or partial remodels. I, myself, am considering painting our island soon.

2022 Design Trends: Colorful Kitchen Cabinets
2022 Design Trends: Colorful Kitchen Cabinets
2022 Design Trends: Continued Emphasis on the Home Office
2022 Design Trends: Continued Emphasis on the Home Office

Number 9: Time & Resources Continue to Pour into the Home Office

A lot of us are still working from home and do not see an end to that trend in the near future. I’ve been working from home for a decade now and I’m finally going to make a more permanent office for myself. For work as an attorney, I work off of my laptop all day, so I really haven’t needed a big set up. I just needed a secure place to put it.

However, now that the boys are playing in the basement more, the loft space is ready for a new inhabitant and that’s going to be me! There is so much inspiration out there from the last 2 years of home office renovations and I am so ready! Keep an eye out for that soon!

Number 10:

Turn Your

Black Thumbs


I know, I know, the plants in this picture are dusty. My thumb is a light green, ok, I’m working on it. But I have really enjoyed having (and keeping alive) my real plants in my home over the last 2-3 years. The bring a sense of vibrance and, as we learned in 4th grade science, they help clean the air. Greenery, in general, bringing the outside in, will continue to be big both as we continue to spend more time at home and also crave time outside. If you don’t quite trust your green thumb just yet, faux greenery has come a very long way. Check out my Like to Know It account for some more examples I recommend!

2022 Design Trends: Breathe Life Into Design with Live Greenery
2022 Design Trends: Breathe Life Into Design with Live Greenery

And that’s it, the top 10 design trends I think will dominate interior design in 2022. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are you planning on incorporating any of these trends into your design plans? Or do you have other trends you’ll be following or think will be big? I would love to hear about it all.

XOXO Alicia

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