101 Goals in 1001 Days

My Goals for Myself, My Family, and My Home for the Next (almost) 3 Years

A while back, a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of planning out 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. Since then, I’ve done this twice. I wish I had the very first one I made just out of law school–I have a strong feeling it would look entirely different, as I wrote it as a single woman, without kids, having just started my career, living in a new city. We’re probably talking night and day different.

Typically, “they” say that you want a goal to be S.M.A.R.T.–Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. I’ve mostly stuck to these rules below, though I’ve tried to mix up both serious and fun, quick and more involved, and several in between. Oh and, while I want to share as much as possible with you, dear reader, some things are not only mine to share or are just too personal for me right now to talk about.

As I finish my goals, I’ll write a post and link to it here. I would LOVE it if you share some of your goals in the comments as well!

Do you have a particular way of outlining your goals? Do you break them into a specific period of time? Into categories? Do you enjoy it as much as me?

Beginning date: 9/1/2022. Ending Date: May 29, 2025

Personal Goals:

  1. Meet protein & water goals for 30 days straight
  2. Get my nose & ears pierced–no really
  3. Finish a 90 day exercise program
  4. Run a 5K
  5. Run a 10K
  6. Learn how to use the Cricut
  7. Meet phase 2 of weight loss surgery goal
  8. Find leather boots I love
  9. Host a dinner party I cook
  10. Read 10 fiction books
  11. Read 10 nonfiction books
  12. Take a girls trip
  13. Find leather boots I like
  14. Learn how to sew pillows
  15. Get involved at STJ
  16. Learn to braid my own hair
  17. Sell too big clothes
  18. Create new morning routine
  19. 40th birthday celebration
  20. Make new art for primary bedroom
  21. Private–professional

Family Goals:

  1. Write a family mantra
  2. Make family cookbooks
  3. Take a family beach vacation
  4. Take a long weekend vacation
  5. Have a kid-free weekend
  6. Start of neighborhood food drive
  7. Host Friendsgiving
  8. Teach the boys to ride their bikes
  9. Update the baby books
  10. Complete an entire seasonal bucket list
  11. Write 10 new restaurants & event reviews
  12. Put up grow boards in boys’ rooms
  13. Overnight at Great Wolf Lodge
  14. Reinstate Supper Club
  15. Make kids’ art books
  16. Make family picture books
  17. Day trip to the local caves
  18. Family chore chart
  19. Halloween party
  20. 12 monthly date nights
  21. Sister Trip
  22. BIG toy purge
  23. Smale park picnic
  24. Get rid of all toddler clothes
  25. Private

Blog Goals:

  1. Set up email freebies
  2. Media company membership
  3. 1st 1,000 email subscribers
  4. 30,000 IG followers
  5. 20 youtube videos and 20 Youtube shorts
  6. Feature in national print publication
  7. Publish 100 posts
  8. Feature in national online publication
  9. Collab with 1 on my top 5 companies bucket list
  10. Collab with a second of my top 5 companies bucket list
  11. 2M Pinterest
  12. Publish 200 posts
  13. Publish 12 breathers
  14. Create my first product or course
  15. Start local influencer get togethers
  16. Get a new camera with photo and video
  17. SEO class
  18. 1st $5k month
  19. Publish home tour
  20. $1K affiliates sales month
  21. Small business series
  22. Photography class
  23. 20 pasts under each pillar/category
  24. Anniversary party
  25. Live event series

Home Goals:

  1. Organize & reno the garage
  2. Powder room refresh
  3. ORC mudroom/laundry room/pantry
  4. Ethan’s room redesign
  5. Kitchen remodel
  6. Master closet reorg
  7. Gallery wall down stairs
  8. Redo front flower beds
  9. Add a flower box on side of the house
  10. Finish painting the interior doors
  11. Repaint the basement walls
  12. Renovate my office
  13. Fireplace makeover
  14. Get new sofas/chairs in living room
  15. Redo entertainment center int the basement
  16. Paint interior windows
  17. Primary bedroom refresh
  18. Primary bathroom refresh
  19. Organize Ethan & Eli’s closets
  20. Finish “meadow” hill
  21. Add walkway through front yard
  22. Finish garbage can area
  23. Add basement window
  24. Organize and consolidate storage room
  25. Replace back doors
  26. Gel stain garage
  27. Figure out storage solutions for holiday decor
  28. Dining room refresh
  29. New trees/bushes
  30. Big outdoor Christmas tree lights